China’s Secrecy Now Under Strain
(Photo : REUTERS/Stringer CHINA OUT.)
A pharmacy in operation stands in between closed shops in Wuhan, the epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Hubei province, China February 21, 2020.

All the success that President Xi Jinping had is now stressed by China's secrecy with all its policies. The onset of the China coronavirus is stressing the government's actions that are now in a negative light. Its spread into other countries, with unlisted infection rates, are under scrutiny.

How China handled the problem and the way the international community kept quiet, shows deficiencies in dealing with pandemics according to health care experts interviewed by Vox.

President Trump even mentioned how hard the Chinese government was working to contain the outbreak was quoted by ABC news on the subject. The World Health organization that did not issue further comments on the Chinese leadership. WHO said that the worsening coronavirus crisis, not getting critical attention is leading to a false sense of security.

The global outbreak response system needs everyone working with each other, especially governments, which should be on the level, said Steven Hoffman, a director of Global Strategy Lab at New York University. He comments that all parts of the system are important, only bothered by the weakest link in the chain with factors like international health regulations (IHR) matter and disease diplomacy.

 A report said that during the initial outbreak in China, some patients were not infected by the goods from the Wuhan food market. The first case of coronavirus was verified to be from Wuhan according to local officials, and the city got locked down later.

China announced on December 31 that mysterious pneumonia was discovered, but was specific about certain facts. One, all the patients acquired pneumonia at the Wuhan food market, where the virus got out. The reports says that there is no evidence of human to human infection and that it has animal origin. The earliest recoded patient was backtracked to December 12.

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Coronavirus infection soared despite the official statement, and it infected more without knowing how it is transmitted. Deaths in China increased as lack of supplies and facilities were stretching everything to the limit. Offers by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Americans to help in the effort to manage the COVID-19 was ignored.

Choosing state secrecy is now a nightmare scenario for the infected Chinese people and the world at larger. Several cruise ships were coined coronavirus ridden, and had to be quarantined for public safety, causing infection, fear, and misery to the people on board.

The Chinese political system failed at dealing with such a crisis, like the COVID-19 that should have been reported during the start. Dr Li and Chen Qiushi went missing or deceased under unusual circumstances, with several conflicting statements by the state organ Xinhua.

One of the first coronavirus infections is now reported in the United States, all those in contact are now under quarantine. Nothing is positive, and everything is under watch.With the Chinese secrecy and coronavirus rampage, secrecy has proven a failure, and the Chinese government is now under doubt.

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