Back pain has become quite common these days, thanks to our hectic work-life dynamics!

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours in ergonomically poor posture is one of the main causes behind this. Due to the increasing cases of back pain occurring among young adults, chiropractic treatment has also gained a lot of prominence today. It uses techniques that correct the misalignments of the spine which can relieve back, neck and head pain.

If you have been experiencing back pain after long office hours, then here are some super-effective tips from the best chiropractors in Chicago to bust your discomfort!

1. You should always start your day with a stretch. This can help you to get relief from lower back pain. Do it regularly to get the best results, you can do this even before getting out of bed.

2. In case you have back pain it is advised that you should stop doing sit-ups and traditional crunches that might worsen the back pain. Instead, you can do side planks which would also work on your core and give your body similar results.

3. You should stop looking at your smartphone as the action of doing so bends your neck to form a C-shape. This is one of the major causes of neck pain. This is true for all types of hand-held electronics like the iPad. To rectify this, you should hold up your equipment in such a position that you can look up straight to them. Make sure in whichever position you are sitting, your device should be in such a position that your neck should be up-right.

4. You should stretch the hamstrings every day as it gets locked up sitting in the same position for several hours a day. Getting up can be quite a task after sitting for several hours and thus you can do some stretching exercises to get the best results and relieve your hamstrings.

5. Despite all the efforts, we have to spend most of our days sitting in front of the computer in a position that causes back pain. You can use your drive time to relax from this pain and release the tension that has been built up in your neck. While driving you can lean your head back on the headrest which would move your chin up to a comfortable position and give your neck the rest that it deserves.

6. Do not sleep on your stomach because doing so you would have to move your stomach left or right that causes a strain on the neck. You can sleep on your back with pillows between your knees that would help you to maintain the natural curvature of the spine.

7. You have to sit long hours on your workstation and doing so you would have to remember not to sit cross-legged. Instead, place your legs parallel and firmly on the ground. In case your feet do not reach the ground, use a box or something firm as your footrest. This would help in releasing the pressure from your back. Also, make sure to raise the level of your computer monitor so that your neck sits straight.

8. If you are encountering frequent headaches then go to the massage therapist to get an upper-body massage to relieve the pain from neck, jaws and shoulders. Muscles might get tight which would cause the pain and massage can help you get relief from that.

9. Sitting up in an odd position can cause a lot of back pain. Make sure that your keyboard and computer screen should be square to your body. If you use a laptop, do not put it on your lap. Rather keep it on a table in such a way that your neck would sit straight. Remember the key is to be straight and maintain a good posture for your body.

10. You must get up and moving every day. We understand the nature of your work forces you to sit at a place for long hours, but you must take breaks and go moving around. Also, make sure that you exercise daily. This would make your muscles accustomed to physical activities and you would feel lesser pain.