Overcoming addiction is not easy. It can be a long journey but it starts with small steps. To fight against substance abuse some people may turn to help of their family members or friends, some enroll a drug rehabilitation center whereas others try to beat addiction on their own. The last option is the most complicated one and does not guarantee a successful recovery. Nevertheless, if an individual makes a decision to cure their addiction, the first thing to do could be calling drug or alcohol addiction hotline to get more information about the best treatment options, risks, and outcomes. Alcohol crisis line at Addictionresource is available 24 hours a day so you can get help any time you need.

Addiction is not a personality flaw or just a weakness, so it needs more than willpower to cure this condition. Substance abuse causes changes in the brain which then trigger strong cravings and compulsions. It makes sobriety really hard to achieve. But no matter how hopeless a situation seems to be, or how many failures you had, recovery is possible to reach. You just need the right professional treatment and support. To get more information about it you can call drug or alcohol helpline at any time.

For individuals suffering from addiction, the hardest step toward recovery is to recognize their problem and admit that they need to make a change. It is typical to feel uncertain and torn in this case. You may have doubts about whether you are ready to start recovery or if you are able to quit using substances. Moreover, if you have an addiction to a drug that was prescribed by a doctor, you probably may have concerns about how to find an alternative medicine for your condition. Such worries are absolutely normal, but if you feel overwhelmed with them, you can find a number of a drug or alcohol abuse helpline to get professional support.

Journey to sobriety involves making changes in the way you deal with stress and think about yourself. Committing to sobriety means to change who you allow in your life and what you do in your free time. Naturally, you may feel conflicted about quitting drugs even if you realize that it causes problems in your everyday life. The recovery process is long and needs much support and inner motivation. But it is possible to beat addiction and get control over your life again if you decide to make a commitment and find support.

Find support for successful recovery

You shouldn't go your way to sobriety alone. No matter what treatment approach you choose, it is crucial to have positive influences and someone who can always back you up. The more people can give you encouragement and guidance, the higher your chances for recovery. Knowing that you can always lean on family members and friends in essential in recovery. Addiction may have caused difficulties in relationship with your loved ones which makes it difficult to turn to them for help. In this case a good decision would be to go to relationship counseling or family therapy.

Creating a sober social environment is also an important step to sobriety. Addict's social life is typically revolved around drugs, but you should make new social connections and build healthy relationships with people who support your recovery. To surround yourself with the right people try to take up a new hobby, join a civic group, volunteer or attend different events in your community.

Learn new ways to manage stress

If you try to cope with problems addressing addictive substances you will face the same difficulties again and again. Moreover, addiction will get stronger. People often start using drugs to numb painful emotions, calm down after a quarrel or unwind after a stressful day. But once you get sober, those negative emotions and problems will resurface again. For successful recovery, you need to resolve underlying issues first. During recovery you will probably experience stress, frustration, anger, anxiety and loneliness. Such dismissing feelings are a normal part of everyday life. But finding other ways except of taking substances to cope with them is a crucial part of the addiction treatment process.

How to relieve stress quickly without taking drugs?

First of all, you need to choose the strategy that works best for you. You can try doing sports as movement helps to decrease the intensity of negative emotions. Yoga and meditation are also perfect ways to reach a balanced state of mind. Spending more time outside is also helpful for stress relief. You can breathe fresh air and enjoy beautiful views to recharge yourself and feel more relaxed. You can find other sober ways to indulge yourself and feel better, like playing with a pet, soaking in a hot bath or going to the spa. Everything you need are rich imagination and a desire to experiment.

Keeping drug triggers away

For full recovery your brain needs to rebuild its connections which is a long process. During this time you may feel intense drug cravings that can be triggered by certain things, people or places. So the best strategy, in this case, is to stay away from people who use addictive substances and surround yourself with those individuals who won't tempt to you step back into addiction. When you feel there is nobody to talk to and get help, you can always call drug or alcohol hotline. It's also better to avoid bars, clubs and other places that are associated with substance abuse. Even if you do not have cravings now such environments can lead you to relapse in the future.

Create a meaningful life

Having activities that give meaning to your life can support your treatment. Recovery must be successful when you do things that you truly enjoy and that make you feel needed. Sense of purpose is crucial for a recovering addict to reach their goals. Healthcare professionals say that meaningful goals are powerful antidotes against relapse. It doesn't matter what you do, the most important is that it must give you a sense of pleasure and satisfaction.