Finding the perfect watch is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it is an important investment. Whether you want to give it to your dad in his day or just for you, a watch is a basic accessory, shows elegance and reflects the personality of those who use it. So, there is a huge diversity of styles for each type of person.

Take the time to choose the ideal model, it will save you a lot of money, and you will be happy with your choice, so follow these simple tips to find the perfect watch.

#1: Choose your budget

It is essential to define the amount of money you are willing to invest in your watch. This will not only help you to know which watch is within your means but also not to make the mistake of leaving for something cheap. Many people are wrong to think that you have to find an accessory for the price, in doing so, you just do not choose the watch of your dreams or choose one that you do not like so much and that in the long term, you will not use.

#2: Look for quality first

Always bet on quality and the guarantee that you are buying something that will be worth your investment. For example, Calvin Klein is the only ambassador for Swiss watchmaking in the fashion sector, which translates into high-quality standards that can give you the assurance that you will have an accessory that will meet your expectations.

#3: Think about what you need

Are you looking for a watch that has a striking design or do you prefer one that has more features? Maybe you are looking for one that can be submerged in the water or you may prefer one that looks more elegant to go to work. Make up your mind and look for an option that matches what you are looking for.

#4: Define your style

Look at how your clothes are, what activities you do in your daily life. A watch is a reflection of the personality of the user, so you should think about what you want to express when wearing one. Do you like more classic or modern? Look for several models and look at their colors, textures, details, etc. For example, there are some Longines watches made under a classic design and inspired by the vintage era. You can decide to go for one of such.

#5: Measure your watch

It is not the same as you see a 40-millimeter clock in an ad that on your wrist, each arm is different and seeing it changes the perspective a lot. The arms that are thinner, they prefer some finer models, while on the contrary, the wider arms, they can look more like a large clock. For this reason, it is always better to measure the accessory before buying it and make sure it fits you.

#6: Look at the strap

This is the one that accompanies the watch and is just as important as the main piece. The strap can make your watch look elegant, sophisticated, casual or refined, and it has to go according to your style.

#7: Match your wardrobe with your watch

Remember that a watch is an extension of your clothes and although you will not have one for each outfit you can choose one that matches your daily clothes. If you wear all the formal time to go to work, look for an elegant model. If on the contrary, your clothes are always more casual, choose a simpler one.