Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction that we read about in books or watch in futuristic movies. At present, we go about doing our chores not knowing the impact of AI in our daily lives. However, even with all the advancements, there remains a cloud of a doubt when it comes to using AI. There is a level of uncertainty that dangles over even the most prestigious scientists when it comes to this new form of technology.

Then again, the use of AI is no longer limited to secret laboratories. From the voice-activated personal assistants that we use in our homes to ever-changing algorithms that show us advertisements online based on our website visits, there are compelling examples of AI all around us. That is not to say that AI is entirely serious. It can quite easily be about entertaining activities that bring about a sense of fun and enjoyment, while often acting as a mirror to society.


We all know how hard dating can get, and making that first impression is what it is all about. Having the right pickup lines have long been the doorway that lets your foot into the dating game. So, research scientist Janelle Shane inputted many common pickup lines into a network to find a pattern. We all hoped that for those who aren't lucky enough to get that perfect date, AI might have some answers, or maybe not. The results that AI gave were all over the place and consisted of statements like "your beauty have a fine to me" and "I had a come to got your heart."


Janelle Shane is also behind an AI algorithm that helps find novel ideas for Halloween costumes. While a lot many people might think that finding dresses is a weird way to use AI technology, we must understand that this is only the beginning. Unless we try our hands at everything possible, we will never know the full scope of what AI can do.


The online gaming industry doesn't know what to make of AI at present. There are apparent benefits that range from developing games that give customers fascinating tailormade options to faster and accurate data analysis. On the other hands, AI in online gaming makes it harder for the industry to track down anyone who might be using the technology for an unfair advantage. AI isn't available for the common public that freely yet, and there is still time to tackle the issues, but in the long run, the possibilities that AI can present for heightened player experience will be endless, and that's something to await eagerly.


Unlike before, we now have AI in real life to inspire us. The early science fiction books were based on imagination. That is no longer required as we can discover more about AI and how it reacts from experiments. Moreover, AI is also giving us inspiration of a different kind, through quotes, which can get hilarious sometimes. Then again, AI wouldn't be all human-like unless it suffered from the same "foot in mouth" disease that we all do from time to time.