Springer revealed Dillon's mischief to Olivia, Remy's dreams almost turned deadly and Miranda's life as a ghost continues to grow weirder. Here are my questions from "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead":

No. 1 - What will Olivia do next?

Springer may have finally helped give fans something they've been waiting for since the end of Episode 5 - the opening of Olivia's eyes. The reason I say "may have" is because it's not uncommon in these TV situations for the boyfriend to deny everything and the girlfriend to believe him - until it's too late. Hopefully Olivia, Luke, Remy and Caleb begin to investigate Liv's boyfriend.

No. 2 - What's happening to Miranda?

Miranda is finally able to leave the graveyard and Collins property. She seemed pretty excited to hang out with Olivia and Caleb at the coffee shop. However, as she was sitting with them she looked in the mirror across the room and saw her reflection - as a dead corpse. Something's not quite right with Miranda. Yes, that's the norm. But what's wrong with her this time?

No. 3 - Who is the man dressed in black?

So far we know he is pretty important where the secret pact is concerned. He also has the ability to travel through dreams and could probably be the bad guy in any horror movie. Nevertheless, is the man dressed in black the "he" everyone keeps referring to? Or is this man working for someone else just like Dillon and the creepy little girl in red? Speaking of dreams, is Remy's dreaming ability going to be an asset later on?

No. 4 - Are Caleb and Miranda ever going to be the together?

Watching the interactions between Caleb and Miranda are excruciating. You know they want to be together but they can't because of, you know, the whole humans-can't-date-ghosts thing. Will they every get the chance to explore their feelings for each other? I'm guessing "Haleb" fans are hoping they will not and Caleb will come to his senses and go back to Hanna. I don't know if Haleb fans will see the couple back together...but judging from the photo below, you will at least get to see your favorite couple in the same room again. According to the "Ravenswood" Facebook page, Hanna will visit during the winter finale on February 4.

"Ravenswood" airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on ABC Family.

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