The magic of online slots is that you don't necessarily have to play big to win big. Even the lowest of bets can result in the highest of profits. When playing slots, everyone is a winner. Whether it is the fun aspect of playing the game, the graphics and sounds that add to the entertainment value or the mega earnings, everything comes together to provide each player with a multifaceted experience, enjoyed at any time of the day. Today you can find those games for free download to any IOS or Android mobile phone.

However, the joy of playing online slots is enhanced when someone hits that ultimate jackpot. The dream of winning big is the fuel that drives us all to indulge in the beauty of slots. With numerous online casinos to choose from, each one brings something unique and fun to the table. My favourite site to visit before heading off on a jackpot filled adventure is one where I can compare a few online casinos and also look at the bonuses they offer. Once done, all that is left is the hard part of choosing which of the many amazing high-paying slots to start with finally because you never know, which spin will change your life forever.

Arabian Knights

It was a simple bet of €1 that resulted in Peter K from Norway taking home a cool €1,436,558 win. Arabian Knights is a progressive jackpot slot based on a Middle-Eastern theme that comprises mystical graphics and music in addition to a grand jackpot and many other bonuses. Now, you can probably head on out to an ancient slot machine in Vegas which hasn't given a prize in 20 years to try your luck, but for a better chance of making it big, stick with the online options where the earnings are instant, and you can play while cuddled up in bed on a lazy morning.

Mega Moolah

Everybody remembers a winner, and when that person walks away with an astounding €17,879,645, it gets listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. Mega Moolah is responsible for not one, but two of the top five online slot winners of all time, individuals who went on to win the mega jackpot and make their lifelong dreams come true. A 5-reel and 25 paylines slot, Mega Moolah is packed with free spins and bonuses. People who bet the maximum are more likely to come across the random jackpot. However, that doesn't lessen your chances of winning and best of all, you can play the game on your browser or even though a casino app.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is another high paying slot that has seen a fair share of mega-winners. It was an unnamed player from Finland who won €17,861,800 from a €0.25 bet on this 5-reel slot that celebrates the good life with symbols representing power boats, gold watches, expensive cars, and diamond encrusted rings. Surprisingly, the present all-time biggest online slot winner also played a 0.25 bet to win the grand prize. Mega Fortune is responsible for changing the life of a Norwegian player as well who decided to spin a few rounds because he couldn't sleep. His insomnia resulted in him ending up with a fantastic €11,736,375 in his pockets.

Hall of Gods

It would seem that the Scandinavians always find a way to strike it big. Hall of Gods saw a female Swedish player with a surprising €7.6 million win in 2012. Then again, with Gods like Odin and Thor looking out for you through the various symbols of this 5-reel game, a victory of momentous proportions was evident in the end.