Major League Baseball pushing casino executives that the league must get a cut from wagers placed on the sport following the repeal of a federal ban on sports betting.

An MLB executives at the casino industry's top trade show in Las Vegas also held that sports books should be needed to buy data used to set odds directly from the league.

Kenny Gersh is the league's executive vice president of gaming. He claims a suggested 0.25 percent fee as a royalty that casino firms should pay if they are going to make money off them.

He noted MLB thinks betting on baseball is not appealing to mass consumers, just hardcore bettors, and the league could assist on that.

Currently sports betting can be made on sites such as baseball betting odds at 888 Sport New Jersey.

A U.S. Supreme Court decision in May allowed states to join Nevada in having legalized sports betting.

Casinos have firmly opposed direct payments to leagues for betting, and MLB and other pro leagues was not successful so far to convince any state to build the fees into their laws.