How we work and the workplace we're in is constantly changing, becoming more open, mobile and flexible. The tech that we use must adapt with it, it must adapt to how we work, when we want it to. Utilising flexible technology is the bread and butter to a successful business and working environment. Luckily, Microsoft is forging that path with the Surface Hub 2, announced earlier this year. With the industry already used to the Surface Hub, building off that success is only natural.

Kinly take a look at where Microsoft intends to take the Surface Hub 2 and how it'll change our working lives.

Next Generation

Every year people look for that 'next-gen' technology that's going to propel the industry into the far future, with VR and holograms, yet it never truly works out the way they envision. Microsoft are attempting to make a big leap in video conferencing and workplace communication by developing a video conferencing device that really makes you feel like you're using future tech.

While the system is only in it's very early stages, we can delve into the details that Microsoft has provided.

One of the big features that the Surface Hub 2 provides is the ability to link up to 4 of the devices together called 'tiling' in portrait or landscape. Giving you a huge range of adaptability, whatever the situation you're in. Along with tiling they've partnered with Steelcase to provide the ability to rotate the Surface Hub 2, to portrait or landscape, or 'dynamic rotation' as Microsoft call it, just like your phone. Now most businesses won't have that ability as 4 will set you back quite a bit, but it's a nice feature irregardless.


Flexibility is at the core of what Microsoft wants to bring with the Surface Hub 2 and what they tried, with some success, with the Surface Hub. That's what businesses and users alike are looking for. They don't want to shell out money for an all-in-one unified communications system that doesn't adjust to how they want to use it.

Surface Hub 2 is designed with flexibility and the user in mind, going off the early preview. No surprise to anyone is the announcement that the Surface Hub 2 is designed to work with all Microsoft software, MS Teams, MS Whiteboard, Office 365, PowerBI, Skype and Windows 10. All very common software that we all use on a daily basis, so when it comes to setting up that meeting with an important client and you're trying to get Office 365 work with an outside system, it can become very difficult to set up and organise. Surface Hub 2 avoids all of that bother, setting up and conducting meetings couldn't be any easier, with the tap of a button you're on your way.

With Microsoft looking to release Surface Hub 2 in 2019, it's important to keep updated to get your hands on one of the early releases, as they'll be in high demand. Get in touch with a guaranteed Surface Hub 2 provider today, such as Kiny, and secure yours before it's too late!