Angelina Jolie just broke her silence regarding the latest issue that has been chasing her in the past days. The Hollywood superstar just hit at her critics who accused her of employing exploitative casting methods for her new movie, "First They Killed My Father".

The former wife of Brad Pitt has been at the center of several issues and it all started when the couple announced their official separation last year. Now, Angelina Jolie is under fire again after it emerged and was reported that the children were presented with money and were permitted to snatch it then they will be caught by the producer.

After being caught, the poor children would have to give a compelling reason why they needed the money. Angelina Jolie's team was able to select and cast one child after effectively showing how she needed the money and her name is Loung Ung. The said child was cast after she emotionally relayed how she needed the money for her grandfather's funeral.

Even if this seemed to be creative for the team behind the film, Radar Online claimed that some were not pleased and hit at Angelina Jolie. This cash game simply triggered outrage for many who criticized Angelina Jolie as well as her producers because of the insensitive stunt.

However, Angelina Jolie decided not keep her silence for a long time and hit back at her critics. The actress shared to one publication: "I am upset that a pretend exercise in an improvisation, from an actual scene in the film, has been written about as if it was a real scenario."

After that, Angelina Jolie added that the team did not use real money and that this suggestion of cash game during the said audition is false and distressing. She then concluded that she herself would be very outraged if that happened in the audition.

Angelina Jolie's love and protection or the children extend beyond her family as she has been a UN Ambassador for many years. In her job, she travels across the globe on some missions dedicated to comfort the impoverished children most especially those affected by war.

Lastly, Angelina Jolie said that every car has been taken for the welfare and protection of the children who had been cast in the said film. Further, she said that the purpose of her new movie is to expose the terrors children face in a war so to help to protect them.