President Trump just announced that Apple committed to building three big factories in the United States. If these words of the president are true, then this will mark a big investment for the company as well as a significant change of pace for them.

It was reported that President Donald Trump finally motivated Apple after his years-long crusade to build more products in the United States. The president added that Tim Cook, Apple CEO called him and just committed to building more three big plants in the United States.

As of the moment, BBC reported that no additional details and information has been released regarding the said project of Apple. With that, the company further declined to give comments and has not responded to any request for comments.

But if Donald Trump's statements about this project I correct, then Apple is preparing for a big investment as well as a significant change of pace for their operations. It can be recalled that the company has only Mac Pros manufactured in the US and it has not even committed to continuing that.

In that case, Apple prefers to work with outside suppliers since the company wants to source parts and components of their devices from several companies and protect itself from any risk. One of these risks is the possibility of getting the entire factory as worthless because it manufacturing method was not successful.

That is why some reports claimed that president Donald Trump has some of the details wrong regarding the said deal. It can be recalled too that Tim Cook may have said before that suppliers of Apple are building new factories in the US but not Apple itself.

In fact, Apple just invested a $200 million in Corning which is the suppliers for the cover glass of iPhones. Apart from this, Foxconn, which has been considered as a major Apple supplier, is planning to have its first factory in the United States. The said factory might manufacture products for Apple or it can also be otherwise.

Regardless of the veracity of the report, it looks like President Donald Trump failed to point out the distinction as he could just say that Apple is getting more involved in US manufacturing. During his campaign period, the president repeatedly called out the company for its dependence on foreign manufacturing.