Latest reports confirmed that O.J Simpson was just granted parole for a 2007 armed-robbery and kidnapping case and conviction. Therefore, after serving almost nine years in prison of a 33-year sentence, the former football star can be released this October after the parole board voted.

It was reported on Reuters that four members of the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners just decided to give OJ Simpson parole ending his supposedly 33-year sentence. Because of this, Simpson was then acquitted and is expected to leave the prison on or after October 1 this year.

It can be recalled that OJ Simpson was convicted of 12 crimes which included kidnapping and armed robbery. These cases stemmed from a sting operation last 2007 wherein he attempted to recover sports memorabilia from two collectors.

It was then claimed by the latest report that OJ Simpson reacted emotionally and with a smile as members of the parole board gave their votes on whether he should be acquitted after serving almost nine years in prison. He even said the words, "thank you" then he stood and went back to his cell.

People noticed that OJ Simpson became more fit and far slimmer that he was before wearing a blue button-up shirt and dark slacks. The apologetic Hall of Famer suddenly cracked up when he was told that his hearing will be like the ordinary hearing which all inmates receive only that his hearing would gain media attention.

During the said hearing, The Guardian reported that OJ Simpson faced the four members of the Parole Board, two men, and two women. He was first offered the chance to speak and so he took the opportunity to really how he became repentant of the crimes he committed and his life in the prison. H further shared that he was telling his inmates to stop complaining about their grind since he believes in the jury system.

This time, the media attention and scrutiny was less intense compared to his 1995 murder trial in which he was found not guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole and Ron Goldman. But the media was looking into the possibility that OJ Simpson will be running back and will be free again which included live coverage on several platforms and networks.