Latest reports confirmed that "Pitch Perfect 3" is underway and the Pitches are sure to come back. But since it was announced that a third installment will be expected, so many things have changed just like the premiere date and few details about its story.

Perhaps most of the film's fans and viewers already knew that "Pitch Perfect 3" is just around the corner. But here are still some few things which they need to find most especially on the new casts and the journey of the original characters like Fat Amy and Barden Bellas.

According to USA Today, some details were being edited in the "Pitch Perfect 3" since Elizabeth Banks was replaced by Trish Sie as the director. Like what was confirmed by the new director, the casts as well as the production staff wrapped up the shooting last April and is now in the process of editing the movie.

With regards to the new updates, it was revealed that the release date of "Pitch Perfect 3" has been pushed from July to December. Moreover, joining the main casts are new characters like Ruby Rose who will be making his Pitch Perfect debut in the third installment of the franchise.

As the main Pitches are back namely Anna Kendrick, Britanny Snow, Anna Camp, Hailee Steinfield and Rebel Wilson, it was found out that viewers will finally discover why Fat Amy was given that nickname. There are still more things that fans will learn about Fat Amy in the "Pitch Perfect 3".

Still, on the main characters, it was also revealed that the Barden Bellas are not at Barden anymore as Sie mentioned that they are supposedly out of the real world. Perhaps, they do not stay in the United States and the director explored other places aside from the original location.

Moreover, much to the excitement of the fans and the viewers, an assurance was made that there is always going to be a room for more Pitch Perfect films after the "Pitch Perfect 3". As long as the fans accept the story and they love to see the characters, there will still be more installment of the said film franchise.