Latest reports have confirmed that Japan's Princess Mako is set to marry a commoner and with this, her royal status might be at stake. But the princess reportedly decided that she is really willing to give up her royal status to get married with her commoner boyfriend.

With regards to the traditions of the Japanese Imperial family, any female member of the royal family who will marry a commoner will automatically lose her royal status. In the case of Princess Mako, if the wedding will push through, then she will abdicate from her responsibilities and privileges as a member of the royal family.

According to CNN, the Japanese Imperial Family shared that plans for the engagement of Princess Mako and her boyfriend, Kei Komuro is on-going. It was reported too that the couple met five years ago when they were students at the International Christian University in Tokyo.

Kei Komuro, who is set to marry Princess Mako, is a 25-year old law firm worker as well as a graduate student. Apart from this, if people can recall, he also starred in a tourism campaign being the "Prince of the Sea".

With the impending engagement and wedding of Princess Mako and Kei Komuro, the Japanese Imperial Family is facing a dilemma. Since more and more members of the family are marrying commoners, the imperial is concerned about its shrinking size. As of the moment, the family has 19 members, 14 of whom are females.

Apart from Princess Mako, six are left unmarried who will also lose their royal status once they decide to marry a commoner like the princess. If this trend continues, Vogue reported that the imperial household will not have enough members who will continue to perform important duties.

Lastly, according to the imperial law, only the make heirs have the right to the throne and this time, there are only three. Japan's Princess Mako's engagement to Komuro will only become official once the ceremonial exchange of gifts takes place.