Kanye West just deactivated his social media accounts which include his Twitter and Instagram and the reasons for this were just revealed. It was found out that the singer does not have all the time to use his social media accounts and that he doesn't need them too.

Days after his social media accounts were deactivated, Kanye West already revealed the reason why he needed to do that. A reliable source even shared that the rapper is currently recording at the moment and that he doesn't need social media.

According to Perez Hilton, social media would only serve as a negative outlet for him since before, he was fond of sharing all his negative insights in his Twitter account. Some people thought that deactivating his social media accounts was the best decision he needed to undertake.

Besides, the source was right in telling that Kanye West doesn't need social media since this will only destruct what he needs to do in his life. It can be recalled that the rapper got involved in controversial and messy issues which primarily promoted hatred and anger.

As to the latest report, Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian are currently in the process of fixing their marriage and people think that putting his self away from social media would also help him in the process. Now, he gets to spend more time with their two children which is a good sign that their relationship is going strong.

It can be recalled that Kanye Wet was hospitalized before because of sudden breakdown during one of his concerts. Mail Online reported that he was already too stressed and he could not bear all the emotional, psychological, and mental pressures any longer.

Surely, with Kanye West deactivating his social media accounts, he can already achieve peace of mind plus harmonious relationship with Kim. This could somehow help him recover fast after all the controversies and messy issues he got involved with in the past.