Reports were claiming that the World Health Organization is looking forward to partner and collaborate with pharmaceutical companies for the creation and manufacture of affordable medicines for cancer treatment. The said organization saw the need to produce medicines most especially those which are expensive in order to deal effectively with cancer prevention.

Like what the latest reports are saying, World Health Organization just announced Thursday that they are looking forward to making this venture and goal happen. Moreover, they understand the plight of those living in the low-and-middle-income countries who, most of the times cannot afford the intended medication.

After the announcement, The Washington Times reported that World Health Organization also informed all interested pharmaceutical companies to submit an application form to them. These companies are needed to manufacture two drugs, the trastuzumbab and rituximab. These stated drugs are part of "WHO Essential Medicines List."

If these pharmaceutical companies are ready with their proposed biosimilars, the World Health Organization needs to test them if they are safe and effective enough to help treat cancer. Then if these medicines will be accepted as they are found to be effective and safe, the said organization will recommend them.

After that, these medicines will be made available and offered by the different agencies of the United Nations. WHO cares about how cancer will be prevented most especially for those in low-income countries which at times can't afford proper and expensive medications.

According to Biosimilar News, the above-mentioned medicines, Rituximab and Trastuzumbab are both kinds of biotherapeutic medicines. The former is used for the treatment of leukemia while the latter is for breast cancer. What the WHO needs is a company which can manufacture generic versions of these medicines.

Since these medicines are very costly in most countries, the World Health Organization is now seeking the help of pharmaceutical companies to manufacture low-cost but effective drugs. The international organization is extending its service and aid to those countries for the use of the medicines and for better cancer treatment.