The U.S. South was left devastated after RPT-Tornadoes and the flood caused by the storm killed 9 people and injured dozens others. But authorities were not certain if these natural calamities killed only 9 since they believed that it was even more than that.

Last Saturday evening, the East Texas Country was swept by tornadoes which left 4 people dead and several people injured. Apart from these fatalities and injuries, most houses and buildings were also greatly affected.

According to a report from Reuters, most of the deaths were caused by falling trees, flood, and the high winds. In the neighboring and adjacent cities and areas, 5 people were reported dead. The U.S. National Weather Service in Canton released a report that there were three tornadoes which devastated the above-mentioned areas.

The strong and high winds flipped over the roofs of then houses including cars, uprooted some of the trees while the others fell on the roads and highways. Aside from these, the power line in the affected areas was also affected.

Meanwhile, Canton City Mayor Lou Ann Everett also expressed her concern and sympathy to those greatly affected. She said that what happened was really upsetting and heartbreaking and expected that the number of fatalities and injured might still increase.

Most of these reported fatalities were caused by falling trees while the others were swept by a great flood like a 10-year old girl in Springdale. Latest reports also confirmed that a fire officer was also killed while in the middle of responding to the storm last Sunday.

Because of the massive flooding, USA News reported that the governors of Oklahoma and Missouri already declared a state of emergency. People residing in the affected places were advised to evacuate as some extreme thunderstorms are forecasted to last until Sunday.

Heavy rainfall is expected to last until Sunday in parts of Midwest and places like Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri. The National Weather Service also released forecast that Mississippi and Alabama will also experience severe thunderstorms until Sunday.