"This is Us" Season 2 spoilers are telling that Jack Pearson's death might not be featured anymore as the viewers have already seen most of the painful sides of his life before. Besides, the viewers were already treated to what awaits the family of Jack and Rebecca which might tend to bring them more trouble.

It can be recalled that in the first season, Jack was forced to leave their house and went to the bar again because of a certain fight. With this, it has been claimed too that fans already had a hint of what will happen to Jack's relationship and marriage with Rebecca as per "This is Us" Season 2 spoilers.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the creator of the hit show shared that he is not yet ready to show the fans the last scenes of Milo Ventimiglia's character in "This is Us" Season 2 spoilers. His character is playing the head of the Pearson family.

The creator of said HBC hit show also added that the reason they will do this is because it will be too disappointing to show too much and to spoil the events in the story. This certain scene involving Jack Pearson in "This is Us" Season 2 spoilers will just happen naturally as fans will not expect it to happen on that time soon. With this, the production of the show added that there is always a reason to be hopeful even if the scenes are sad.

So for the moment, it's better if fans wait for what will happen which seems to be unclear. It has been hinted several times that Jack Pearson's death will already be show in the finale of its first season. That simply did not take place as per Glamour Entertainment. So, it looks like the creator of the show is very much interested to give and present the big revelation on Jack Pearson's death in the next season as per "This is Us" Season 2 spoilers.

But the fans would not surely want to wait as they are already eager to know what happened to the children of Jack Pearson. There have been many hints and clues already regarding Jack's death and "This is Us" Season 2 spoilers tease that thus might be featured already in the upcoming season of the series.