Tyra Banks is said to be returning to "America's Next Top Model" to save the show from possible cancellation after Rita Ora failed to meet the expectations she needs to do on the hit show. It has been reported that the reality show is facing possible cancellation by VH1 which perhaps was the result of the model's absence as host.

Reports were escalating that Tyra Banks will be making her return in "America's Next Top Model". She thinks that this is the only solution since this long-time running hit show is facing cancellation by the VH1. The model got no choice but to return and eventually save the hit show as per CNN.

It has been reported too that Tyra Banks was able to share in one of her interviews that she had one reason why she returned to the hit reality competition show. According to her, "America's Next Top Model" badly needs her before it gets axed by the VH1 network.

The supermodel also added frankly that her fans in the social media and the fans of "America's Next Top Model" have been demanding for her return. Because of this, she realized that leaving the show before was a big mistake.

There were claims telling that Rita Ora had the hard time filling in the big shoes Tyra Banks left her after the latter walked away from the show. A lot of viewers, as well as critics, have concluded that Ora simply did not have that screen presence which Tyra had before in "America's Next Top Model."

It can be recalled that Tyra Banks gained a lot of accolades after her successful stint as host of the show as mentioned on Variety. She was admired because of her passionate responses, critiques and without forgetting her endless frustrations for those aspiring models that lack the characteristics of being a model. Rita Ora could not simply compare to her that's why she only hosted one season of "America's Next Top Model."

With Rita Ora leaving the said show, Tyra Banks has a busy schedule ahead of her. The successful supermodel is not only hosting "America's Next Top Model" but she is also a co-host of "America's Got Talent."