Couples of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans genders have been a long-occurring issue to some countries. Yet, Osaka region in Japan had finally resolved to certify same-sex couples to be considered as foster parents as long as they meet the requirements regardless of their sexuality as foster parents.

According to South China Morning Post, the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare stated that there had been no occurrence in the past of awarding same-sex couple to be foster parents. Hence, Osaka’s decision was considered to be the first in Japan. The Ministry then cleared that there were no specific guidelines that prevent same-sex couples from being foster parents.

Hence, the couple from Osaka having understood the foster care system and having the financial capacity was thereby granted by the Ministry to have the care of a boy under them. The couple was then mentioned to consult the matter to adopt a child since autumn in 2015. The gay couple then attended necessary lectures, training and screenings.

“I am happy we became foster parents (and recognized) as a single household, not just as individuals,” the man said. Regarding the status of the boy they had adopted, they both said that he is “living a comfortable life.” He then added that it is important for a child to have an adult who gives “affection on a one-on-one level and affirms his or her presence.”

Megumi Fuji, who heads Rainbow Foster Care then shared that places that have children to be adopted would increase as they allow same-sex couples to take care of the children as well. Fuji then added that only “small-minded” people think that only a couple composed of a man and a woman could comprise an ideal family per Japan Times.

The same-sex couple wasn’t the only couple who had wanted a child to be fostered under their care. Another couple of both Kanto region woman had taken in a child as reported. Yet, the case was that they only had the child after receiving both custody individually.

The Osaka couple was then officially recognized last Dec. 22, 2016, as foster parents with the care of the boy who was under 18.