After Lady Gaga’s fiery performance with Metallica last Grammy Awards, fans have been wanting more. Yet, what fans want is something they could possibly get. After a comment by Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett was seen, speculations have once again been rampant on a possible collaboration between the prominent band and singer.

According to The Metal Den, a response tweet for a fan question made by Hammett was said to ignite the rage. “Gaga is gonna kill em all in the studio when she sings for us,” he responded. Hence, somehow confirming a next album release with the “Million Reasons” singer on it.

Moreover, an inside source had mentioned that the possible collaboration between Metallica and the “Bad Romance” singer is slated for a 2019 release per Metro. In which the album is said to be called “The White Album.” What’s more is that Metallica’s drummer Lars Ulrich was heard to say that: “Me and Gaga are going to sing all the songs for this band from now on.”

The insider then concluded that Lady Gaga is “so serious” that she even hired Meatloaf as her vocal coach. Yet, as usual, no confirmations have been released as Hammett’s response to the fan’s tweet was also deleted. Hammet’s response to the fan’s tweet is as seen below.

Adding fuel to the fire, Lars also commented that the “Just Dance” singer is "quintessential” the perfect fifth member for their band. He then adds that Lady Gaga’s voice, attitude and outlook on everything “so awesome.” Lars then mentioned that the “Poker Face” singer has the “spirit of hard rock and metal.”

Furthermore, Metallica’s bassist Robert Trujillo also had come to liking Lady Gaga as he shared his thoughts on Blabbermouth. He said that he was really impressed with the “Perfect Illusion” singer after hearing and seeing her Super Bowl performance. Robert then concluded that he is impressed with Gaga’s voice and attitude towards music.