This week on "Days of Our Lives" would not be easy for Salem denizens as it brings a good deal of ups and downs. Nicole's scandalous past comes calling and embarrasses her before Brady while Sonny is furious after Deimos demotes him. On the other hand, Chad and Abi plan to renew their wedding vows and Gabi goes out on a date with Eli.

The first week of April on "Days of Our Lives" has an emotional treat lined up for viewers as it sees Salemites making sacrifices and also turning new leaves. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers from SoapHub, Nicole finds herself in a tough spot when her neighbors come over at her place for dinner. She panics about Scooter recognizing her and both get involved in an argument leading to the revelation of her pornographic past.

Things turn out pretty awful for Sonny as well after he is demoted by Deimos. According to "Days of Our Lives" spoilers, Sonny is angry beyond words and wants to destroy Deimos which gets Paul worried. However, some good moments also await him as he and Paul finally make love. As for Deimos, his enemies' list is growing and both Hope and Rafe plan to take him down.

On the other hand, Abi and Chad plan to renew their marriage vows but she is also worried about his feelings for Gabi. "Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that Abi confides in JJ about her fears and also gets into a confrontation with Kate, who goes on a night out with Marlena. As far as Gabi is concerned, she goes out on a date with Eli but things fail to work out between Eduardo and Kate.

Among others, Tripp gets to learn more about Ava and Theo comes to the realization that he and Claire are moving too quickly. Ciara gets a pleasant surprise when she meets Wyatt and Dario talks about a new revenue source with Eduardo.

"Days of Our Lives" airs on weekdays on NBC.