Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are said to have been ordered by the management of "The Voice" to show more PDA's in the said show so as to help in the ratings after it dropped the past days. The two coaches both know that it is not that easy being a famous couple on television especially when they are on the show together.

It can be recalled that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were in hot water before as indicated by previous reports after having an air tiff. Then it was reported too that this was the reason why the ratings of "The Voice" dropped. It all started when she made a smirking remark regarding the body of a male contestant and it was not just him who got mad but also the fans. This was because the viewers as well as the fans are very keen to see their favorite couple not fighting on the television.

According to a source as mentioned also in Daily Mail, the producers of "The Voice" reprimanded Gwen Stefani for her flirtation and reminded her that the fans would not want to see any trouble in paradise between her and Blake Shelton. They really told her that they were frustrated in how the couple seemed to be lacking love this season.

But some were thinking that on-air fights are actually good in ratings and not bad. But "The Voice" is different from other reality shows and that Gwen Stefani's and Blake Shelton's fans are not their fans individually but together. So this means that when the couple is fighting, the viewers don't just want to watch even if it really does not make much sense.

Reports were also telling that Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton signed a contract in "The Voice" which also ordered them to keep the love alive throughout the show. Perhaps there is some truth to this since some producers in Hollywood are really interested to keep their stars together more so if publicity depends on it.