The last time Justin Bieber was in Brazil he and his friends spray printed a graffiti on the wall of a hotel in Sao Conrado. It was said that Justin and company sought prior permission but a strange case against their act was filed after he left. The superstar is scheduled again to appear for gigs in Brazil on March 29 to April 1 in his current Purpose world tour. He earlier went to Australia and then New Zealand. Then he posted on Instagram showing him shirtless, revealing the two new tattoos of Justin- the bear and the eagle.

The two new tattoos of Justin Bieber are manly characters. The bear is a totem worshipped since ages, while the eagle flies high and goes for a kill of its prey. Justin has always that strong manly trait and the new tattoos are new apt symbols for his manly leadership. The bear tattoo is above his left breast, beside the crucifix and the wide-mouth eagle tatoot is across in his abdomen.

On count, he has already over 50 tattoos all over his body- right in his chest, arms, legs and even his face. The new tattoos are creative additions and curious fans who knew this might just strip his shirt when he would be mobbed in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday and in Sao Paulo on April 1. The fans' mobbing seeks for his manly character, and these two new tattoos of Justin are certainly not a love or loath symbols.

The breaking news on Wednesday is that Justin might be arrested in Brazil as prosecutors have reopened the case of his spray painting on a wall four years ago. The case was filed and suspended as he left Brazil. His case was an alleged crime against the city order and cultural heritage. There is yet no statement from Bieber's camp on this or the singer hasn't yet posted about this on his Twitter following his hit post showing the the two new tattoos of Justin.