LeBron James was advised to stay mum on the big-mouth and attention-hungry LaVar Ball who continues to take swipe at his two sons- Bryce Maximum James, 9, and James Jr., 12. The father became piqued over LaVar's recent taunts, admitting it has become a problem already. LaVar is father of UCLA star Lonzo Ball.

LaVAr started taking swipes at the LeBron sons earlier this month, saying they could not possibly become basketball superstars like their father who attained a so high stature. The Cleveland Cavaliers' star LeBron on Tuesday told LaVar to keep his kids' names and LeBron's family out of his mouth, in ESPN report from UCLA's camp campus. He wanted LaVar to have his mouth shut, apparently demanding closure on the issue, otherwise perceived as a warning.

Son Bryce Maximum has shown potentials on the AAU circuit, while James Jr. is a basketball sensation who stars for the North Coast Bluechips AAU team. LaVar picked them to be having a problem of high expectations due their father's greatness. At one point Lavar tossed a terrible logic up on the air, asking what would happen if James Jr. stops growing. He said the boy might then become the next Lionel Messi or go for soccer or become an astrophysicist.

Meanwhile, besides having Lonzo, LaVar has also two sons who will attend UCLA on scholarship in the coming years- 18-year-old LiAngelo and 15-year-old LaMelo. He had been bragging over his sons' basketball feats and potentials In the Zone episode and suddenly brought James' family into the conversation. LaVar, an ex-professional football player, reckoned that James' high success would hinder his sons to develop their own playing careers.

But LaVar amid his taunts said he has nothing against with James, but he added, he would answer the same if he would be asked by the press about his take on the sons of James. Earlier, LaVar had spoken out against Steph Curry, Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Now, his attention has turned to LeBron James' sons, especially the young shining LeBron James Jr. Several quarters have commented it would be better for James, the father, to just be mum for LaVar to stop his undue and reckless ranting.

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