People from South Sudan, Haiti and Ukraine top a Gallup survey of the most suffering countries in 2016. This is a huge contrast when compared with the wealthy residents of Norway. Three countries located in three continents were the unhappiest ones. The Happiness Index shows that wealth is key to feel emotionally stable.

People rated their lives on a scale ranging from 1 to 10. UPI reports that Gallup defines a person as a "thriving individual" if they rate their present life with a seven or higher and their future life with an eight or more. People "suffer" if they get four or less than that.

South Sudan is the country with the highest percentage of suffering people, with 47 percent of its population rating four or less. Just 9 percent considered themselves as thriving. The African nation has been hit by famine, poverty and war since gaining its independence.

The least and most happy countries

Haiti is the second most suffering country, this is also the poorest country in the Americas. The country was devastated by Hurricane Matthew in 2016, just six years after a powerful earthquake. These natural disasters have put a lot of stress and pressure on a nation with scarce infrastructure. Problems such as homelessness and access to healthcare are among the main concerns in Haiti. Only 3 percent consider themselves thriving while 43 percent rated themselves as suffering. 

Ukraine is also one the most suffering countries, there has been a lot of violence in this country. The war between Russian-backed separatists and government forces has created a lot of problems for its weak economy. A stunning forty-one percent of Ukrainians consider themselves as suffering. We have to add that fifty-seven percent of the Ukrainian population believe it is going to be worse. Norway, Denmark and Iceland are the countries with the most thriving individuals in the Happiness Index.