“Fairy Tail” had been one of the most anticipated and red manga on all sites along with “One Punch Man” and “One Piece.” Yet, a devastating turn had been put into some of the characters of the series August and Larcade. Still, Emperor of Spriggan 12, Zeref is still not undefeated.

According to Inquisitr, “Fairy Tail” Chapter 527 indeed stirred emotions of the fans. While Larcade Dragneel begging Zeref to stop since he is his son, The Black Wizard unweariedly crushed him telling him he is just a demon from his book. Meanwhile, August unleashes his rage for his father not loving him unto father-daughter duo, Cana and Gildarts.

Quite unprecedented, August resolved to destroy Magnolia so Zeref would be proud of him. Yet, as soon as he cast his all-powerful magic to kill every magic user, he saw his mother, Mavis dying from his magic as well. August then stopped his magic. Known as an ancient magic, Ars Magia, casting it would take the user’s life. Mavis then sees August evaporate due to his unleashed power. Afterward, August’s young form show up to Mavis yearning to hug her.

As soon as Mavis saw August, comrades turn to Mavis to stop Zeref and Natsu’s battle. Games N Anime then reported that Mavis’ take to defeat Zeref is to make Natsu reveal his true form, E.N.D. to end things with Zeref once and for all. But, the much bigger threat to Magnolia, Acnologia weren’t given much attention. Also, it wasn’t still cleared whether Zeref really wants to defeat Acnologia.

Next “Fairy Tail” Chapter 528 entitled “Evil Dragon,” is then said to maybe be Zeref giving in to his Anskerham Curse or might be Natsu turning in to his evil E.N.D. form to defeat his brother. Yet, another speculation was Natsu and Zeref would team up to beat Acnologia if he would appear already.

Rest assured, fans could see the battle between brothers unveil as the next chapter would be released this week.