The American film and television directors Anthony and Joe Russo are producing the new Valiant Entertainment TV show "Quantum and Woody." After the great superhero movies like Captain America: “The winter Soldier” and Captain America: “Civil War”, the fans can expect only the best from them to come on the small screens.

As reported by Screen Rant, in the last couple of years the popularity of comic books and superhero ownership had a huge rise thanks to the Marvel Studios “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, 20th Century Fox’s “X-Men Franchise” and the Warner Bros “DC Comics Extended Universe. With a huge broadcast network and a great number of streaming services, Hollywood has also stretched out to television attempting at TV shows revolving around superheroes. With that, movies and TV shows are employing a mixture of tones and pulling from more publishing houses.

According to Geek Exchange, Antony Russo and Joseph ”Joe” V. Russo known as the Russo Brothers are no strangers at directing superhero movies like Captain America’s “The Winter Soldier” and “Civil War” and are currently working on Avengers: “Infinity Wars”. They are the perfect choice to bring the hilarious superheroes "Quantum and Woody" to the small screens. The Russo Brothers will be working together with Valiant’s Dinesh Shamadasani, the president of “Getaway Productions” Mike Larocca and the writhing duo Gabriel Ferrari and Andrew Barrer. Illustrated by recent developments on the Bloodshot and Harbinger film adaptations, Valiant has been expanding their properties into other mediums recently. Even though "Quantum and Woody" don’t fit the typical superhero class, the small screens just might be the perfect place for the duo. Eric Henderson (Quantum) and Woodrow Van Chelton (Woody) were created by Christopher Priest, and M. D. Bright and released in 1997 by Acclaim. They are interracial adoptive brothers who after the death of their fathers are reunited.

The series are reimagined with a little different origin in 2014. Due to a lab accident, they grant unstable powers and have to reset their energy matrix by hitting their wristbands together. That is how "Quantum and Woody" story takes them to be superheroes and the fans can expect in a great new look on the small screens