Prince William has been criticized because of his latest ski-trip with his friends and for what he showed during this vacation. The duke of Cambridge has been slammed as an over privileged clown who is not even worthy of the crown and to become the king of England.

It can be recalled that William embarrassed not only himself and Kate Middleton but the whole royal family when he shocked everyone with his drunken antics and bizarre behavior. This happened during his ski trip to Verbier, Switzerland just the previous week with his close friends. It has been reported too that he was spotted talking to some models while enjoying few drinks as reported on The Sun.

Even if Prince William has a right to let loose with his friends in public from time to time, still some royal critics can't help but assert that he should have not gotten drunk in public with topless models. After all, he has been considered as the future King of England the critics deemed it appropriate for him to act like that. There should be no video of him dancing awkwardly at a nightclub while the world watches.

Reports were swirling also that aside from Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth was reportedly humiliated for what her grandson just showed during his ski-trip as per Daily Mail. She has been ruling the monarchy for several decades and in fact, she never humiliated the royalty the same way her grandchildren did. Everyone could still recall Prince Harry completely naked during a strip billiards game in Las Vegas many years ago.

While some people think that it is just normal for Prince William and Prince Harry to party like that like other boys their age, still many critics stressed that the two are not like the ordinary boys. The reason is that they are both members of the royal family and William is the second heir to the throne.

Perhaps it may be right to point out that the video may be an invasion of his privacy but Prince William is living in a world where every person can just invaded this privacy using mobile phones. Maybe, he needs to be cautious next time he plans to go out with his friends to trips like this.