All the fans waiting for the second "Justice League" trailer might be treated with a surprise at the upcoming WonderCon. Speculations are rife about the second sneak peek of the much-awaited movie debuting at the event.

The second "Justice League" trailer could be out in the open sooner than fans have been expecting. According to MoviePilot, there are high chances of the next trailer of the movie getting unveiled at the WonderCon that will be held on March 31. It is said that the new trailer of the movie would be available at the upcoming event as the WonderCon website has teased a description that seems to point towards the release of the second "Justice League" trailer.

The description says that audiences can expect to get a sneak peek of the upcoming films from Warner Bros. New Line, and DC Entertainment Films with special guests to be announced. Since Warner Bros. has a history of teasing their movies before the six-month timeframe, it is speculated that the sneak peek that the description has hinted at relates to "Justice League."

Notably, Warner Bros. has offered a good deal of information and promotional images about "Justice League" till date. However, after last year's ComicCon that saw the release of the first trailer, there has been no update. Therefore, it is being said that the second "Justice League" trailer would be debuting at the upcoming WonderCon.

Also, the contents of the trailer are being discussed and it is said that it would be a challenge for Warner Bros. to select what to show. The company should be aware of the mistake it made in the trailers of "Batman Vs Superman." They had revealed too much too soon and it affected the performance of the movie a good deal. So, it would be interesting to watch what comes out in the second trailer, if it comes out at all?

"Justice League" is slated to hit the theatres on Nov. 17, 2017.