The recently found 1968 Mustang that the late actor Steve McQueen used in the film "Bullitt" can easily become the next most expensive American car for sale. In 2012 McQueen's GT40 was sold on auction at a staggering $11-million price. The 1968 Mustang stunt car was somehow lost in history for early 50 years but last week it was found at a Mexican junkyard. It was confirmed by a Mustang expert to be "100%" genuine.

The story said that the car after the filming of "Bullitt" was reportedly sold off, but Steve McQueen later reached out several times to the person to whom he sold the car, asking to buy the car back, but to no avail. After that, the 1968 Mustang GT of McQueen car somehow disappeared until it was found by one Hugo Sanchez in a junkyard at Baja California Sur in Mexico. The body of the car was already rotting but its white paint is still noticeable. It has layers of paint suggesting it had been repainted for several times.

Sanchez bought it and planned to convert the 1968 Mustang to the design of "Eleonor" Mustang but he and the junkyard owner changed plan after knowing it was what McQueen used in the film "Bullitt." Garcia now appears to have gone hideous in his plan of shipping the car to California for full restoration or it is still in Mexico, with interested buyers coming around to buy the car as-is and speculators saying that Garcia hit a fortune.

In late 2012, the first "Bullitt" stunt car, a 1968 Ford GT40 Gulf/Mirage owned by the Hollywood's king of speed, Steve McQueen, fetched $11 million on the Pebble Beach Auction, making it the most expensive American car ever sold. It was used in the world's first live-action chase scene on the streets of San Francisco. This 1968 Mustang found in Mexican junkyard, because of its high hype of history, can easily get an auction price of more than $11 million.