It looks like that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will be replaced soon and before the start of the next season after no less than the Arsenal manager Thomas Tuchel came to think of it. A German newspaper Bild broke the news, claiming that after 21 years that Wenger has been directing the Gunners he would now be replaced by yet unnamed football figure. This news came after Arsenal boss Wenger went on blaming referees' decision for his team's defeats in the wake of protests at the Emirates.

But the news story appears to be sketchy as it was carried Sunday by The Sun of UK. It has none of the details except a couple of hints. One hint says that Wenger's replacement is on Tuchel's radar and the other says that the London club could be already ready to move in a different direction,  despite that Arsenal boss Wenger has still a two-year contract on the table.

On Sunday, Wenger blamed again the refereeing decisions for the 3-1 loss at the hands of West Broom. This followed his blaming at referees on Wednesday after the 5-1 humiliation by Bayern Munich, despite that his club is accordingly "in great shape" as shown in the first half of the game. He said he was "absolutely revolted by the refereeing." He grossly faulted Greek referee Tasos Sidiropoulos. "We produced a performance with the spirit and the pride that we wanted... We really put Bayern under pressure but the referee killed the game tonight and that was absolutely scandalous," Arsenal boss Wenger said during a media interview.

But Wenger then and there shed empathy to the paying fans, saying "I am sorry for the people paying a lot of money to come and watch this kind of games." It was an obvious comment to the sight that the Emirates was half empty at the final whistle in the devastating second-half spell for the Arsenal.  Arsenal boss Wenger and his squad for sure heard the forlorn chants "We want Wenger out" moments after the final whistle.

(Viral Football/YouTube)