Long-serving Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is not resigning despite intensifying pressures from fans. On the contrary, he is getting instead extension in the new season, assistant coach Boro Primorac said Friday. The source of the news is Wenger's trusted assistant since 1997.

Primorac, Wenger's trusted assistant since 1997, told Metro of UK that Arsenal's strength in the past 20 years has been Wenger, adding that "it is not all about results, but also business part of the club that matters.' Arsenal boss Wenger then expects to sign a new deal as soon as his contract ends at the end of the current season. He has been unmoved by protests of Arsenal fans in the recent weeks, bursting out in the open last Tuesday night when around 200 fans marched and chanted outside the Emirates and unfurled banners. They were calling Wenger to leave Arsenal for "killing" their team. 

The protest on Tuesday night followed after Arsenal suffered a humiliating 10-2 aggregate defeat to Bayern Munich in the Champions League. But on the next day, Wenger fired back, slamming protesters that people brainwashed them, "brainwashed by poor punditry." He told them "to get out of the heated atmosphere and look at things in an objective way." The Arsenal boss also boasted he managed about 2,000 games, and sarcastically commented that he "knew a little something about the game as well." 

The French tactician, who has been the Arsenal boss since October 1996, once said last week that he would not be forced out of a club he 'built up' in the wake of protests against his leadership. This week he has been busy fighting for his players. On Friday the boss wailed over the media that Granite Dhaka was targeted by referees because of his reputation to collect red cards. Whether Wenger is courting more storm in the resiliency he has posed remains to be seen on the next days ahead.

(Viral Football/YouTube)