Samsung's reputation is not what it used to be anymore. Last year US consumers were not very satisfied with Samsung's products. In fact they were thoroughly disappointed and so the company ranked very low in the Top 100 Companies.

Android Authority reports that in the Harris Poll Reputation Quotient survey, the Samsung company appeared to be ranking as the 49th from the list of 100 brands. That is an awfully bad blow to the company as it has dropped 46 positions than when it last time was ranked a few years ago.

It was only 2 years ago when Samsung ranked as the 3rd most respectable and dependable company in the United States.

Harris Polls holds a survey every year where it examines the reputation of well-known companies. The opinions are entirely judged by the general public's view amongst 20 features that are then put in to 6 categories.

The 6 categories are: outer appeal, services and products, social responsibility, leadership and vision, work atmosphere and economic performance. And Samsung did not grade well in these categories earning it a pretty low spot on the list. Many have their reason but the real one is:

The debacle that happened with the Galaxy Note 7! Not to mention Lee Jae-Young; the vice chairman of Samsung as well as the company's current boss seemed to be facing some legal which does not help the company's rep.

Lee has landed himself in hot waters and he is being arrested for trying to bribe the South Korean president. That not only affected his image but also the company he works for. Samsung is trying to keep its loyal customers at hand letting them know that quality is their priority.

To keep the markets anticipating new releases, the industry posted a short video where different Samsung smartphones are being tested. The tests are to ensure that the phones can hit the markets without any hassles or troubles.

A new rule for insuring quality also resurfaced showing an 8 step battery reliability check. Many can see the company has not lost its footing but it sure will need lots of time to regain its reputation.