Donald Trump has arrived in Washington, and he will be here for at least four years. The real estate mogul and reality show star will recite the oath of office on Friday. At noon Friday, the most divisive campaign in the last years reaches its end.

Trump's brash declarations about ISIS, his cozy relationship with Russia and his criticism of NATO have the world bracing for a new kind of American President.

But before all that, Republicans and Trump's still-growing staff are set for a celebration. Trump and Vice-President elect Mike Pence go through the ceremony at the Capitol at noon, followed by a parade up Pennsylvania Avenue, to be followed by a weekend of balls and an anticipated flurry of new executive actions Monday.

A lot of security in Washington 

Washington is hustling to prepare for Trump's swearing-in on the steps of the Capitol. Barricades are up all around the Capitol building and traffic has ground to a halt through downtown Washington, as the Secret Service limits access to an event with important politicians.

DC workers are also navigating around the closures of five Metro stops. Out-of-towners are streaming into Washington hotels, and some protests are popping up day and night around the Capitol complex. 

From Democrat Government to Republican government

On Capitol Hill, members of the Senate are gearing up for an immediate fight over confirming Trump's Cabinet picks. About seven nominees may receive confirmation votes this Friday afternoon, after Donald Trump's inauguration, while Democrats are already looking to remove the process with some of the picks, like secretary of state nominee Rex Tillerson and HHS nominee Tom Price.

As we can see, there has been a change of power, USA is ruled by a Republican President after many years of Democrat government under the leadership of Obama.

After Trump's inauguration, Obama and his family will leave on one last presidential plane ride to a vacation in Palm Springs, California.