A train crowded of passengers crashed into a bumper block and derailed partially as it pulled into Brooklyn's Atlantic Terminal on Wednesday morning, at least 103 people were injured, but they were not seriously affected. It seems that the train was heading into the station, at a speed of 10 or 15 miles per hour, and did not stop according to WNYC's Stephen Nessen.

The train hit a bumper block, then, the front two cars were lifted off the tracks. Next, one of the rails actually pierced the bottom of the front car.

The train crash happened during peak morning commuting time, between 600 and 700 passengers were on the Long Island Rail Road train that originated from Far Rockaway, Queens.

No serious injuries

Passenger Donette Smith told The New York Times that people just went flying, bodies were everwhere and it was scary. There were people crying, bags went flying and people were thrown to the ground. 

No less than eleven people were sent to the hospital. Anyway, there have been just minor injuries, the most serious one is a broken leg according to WNYC. 

Thomas F. Prendergast, chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority,  told the Times that most of the injuries happened when the train "came to an abrupt stop after crashing into the bumper block at the end of the track."

The real reason of the train crash is still unclear

Nessen declaress it is still unclear what was the real reason of the train crash: "Trains pulling into the station do automatically slow down but it is up to the driver to hit the brake finally for the train to stop and in this case, it appears that did not happen. Investigators are still looking into what happened."

The Long Island Rail Road is the largest commuter rail system in United States, it serves more than 330,000 passengers per day, according to the American Public Transportation Association.