Trade deals after Brexit could create almost 400,000 jobs, Change Britain claims. This is an organization that favours Brexit. If UK leaves the European Union (EU), it would be able to negotiate with China, US, India, Canada, South Korea and other countries and economic blocs. It would increase the exports in £23bn and would create 387,580 jobs. Change Britain wants a "hard Brexit" as a way to leave the customs union with the EU and be free to negotiate with other countries. This research is based on calculations made by the European Commission about the increase that exports and jobs would have in the EU as a whole if trade deals were struck with the main economies of the planet. The conclusion was that for every 1 billion euros generated through exports, about 16,700 jobs would be created.

Economic freedom will create prosperity

There are estimates about the number of jobs that would be created with the trade partners of UK if it leaves the EU customs union. Here we give you the countries and the number of jobs that would be created with each one: US (73,610 jobs), India (29,043 jobs), China (3,505 jobs), Korea (63,094 jobs), Japan (63,094 jobs), Canada (36,555 jobs), Mercosur (34,301 jobs) and Asean (84,376 jobs). A total of 387,580 jobs would be created if UK would have more economic freedom.

China, US, India, Canada, South Korea and Mercosur have expressed their interest in trade deals with UK once that it leaves the EU.

Britain is not allowed to make its own free trade agreements because it is a member of the EU's customs union. This is an obstacle for the trade development of UK but many important officials believe that it will change. Many people want to leave the EU because they see this as an obstacle to economic growth.

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has declared that UK will "probably" have to leave the EU customs union.