As the nationwide manhunt for the suspect in the nightclub shooting is ongoing, ISIS terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the incident that left 39 people dead.

This after the group posted on Twitter that one of their soldiers initiated the attack in one of the most popular nightclubs in Istanbul on New Year's Eve. The Twitter account, however, cannot be verified. 

"In continuation of the blessed operations which ISIS carries out against Turkey, a soldier of the brave caliphate attacked one of the most popular nightclubs while Christians were celebrating their holiday," the statement on Twitter reads.

As of this posting, around 45 people remain in the hospital for treatment on top of the 39 fatalities. Included in the list of killed during the attack as citizens from India, Morocco, Jordan, Canada, Russia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

Turkish police are currently on a manhunt for the lone suspect that attacks Reina along Bosphorus shores during a New Year Party. 

Relatives and friends mourn at a coffin during the funeral of Ayhan Arik, one of the 39 victims of the gun attack on the Reina. According to Turkey's interior minister Suleyman Soylu at least 39 people, including at least 15 foreigners have been killed and 40 wounded.