AMD Ryzen, the next-generation CPU of AMD, eyes towards powering netbooks, laptops, desktops, and smartphones in 2017 waging battles for supremacy in the field dominated by Intel, Qualcomm, and Samsung. Ryzen has already shown superb performance during its preview run on December 13 outclassing the best existing microprocessor in the market today.

Intel has already tested the smartphone market with Asus ZenFone but it is to prove its worth in the market led by Samsung and Qualcomm. But analysts believe that AMD Ryzen will do well in the smartphone market. AMD Ryzen is power efficient that could make mobile batteries last longer. 

During the New Horizon event last December 13, AMD Ryzen showed faster speed and cooler engine compared to Intel's premiere CPU. It also showcased a record-breaking 40 percent improvement in instruction-per-clock (IPS) cycle without power boost. The best thing for AMD Ryzen -- it offers cheaper price too.

With Ryzen, AMD is expected to gain momentum and eventually end the dominance of Intel. AMD hopes to expand its 17 percent share of the CPU market. Although it failed so many times in aspiring for the top spot, the exciting market response for AMD Ryzen could give the company the much-needed boost. AMD has already reached a whopping 300 percent increase in price per share after Ryzen's preview run.