Outgoing U.S. first lady Michelle Obama said during an interview with Oprah Winfrey that she will support the incoming United States President Donald Trump for comfortable transition process.

However, Michelle Obama was very critical of Donald Trump during presidential elections campaign.

The recent statements by Michelle Obama are contradictory to previous statement on Trump.

She vowed full support Trump and his family, specially the first lady Melania Trump in Transition Process during an interview to CBS.

Michelle said , She and President Barack Obama are supportive of Trump transition for the better future of the United States.

She said this to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that was aired on Monday on CBS.

Michelle said she is going to be there for the Donald Trump and do whatever she can do to make sure that he is successful because if he succeeds we all succeed.

The first lady met Melania Trump at the White House days after her husband was elected president and offered her support to the President-elect's wife.

Mrs. Obama discussed her and her team's commitment to helping Melania Trump transition into the First Lady role, and the bipartisan tradition of former FLOTUS' counseling new ones.

Michelle admitted she and Melania talked about their kids when they met for the first time at the White House on Nov. 10.

Michelle admitted that she learned a lot from previous First Ladies, especially Laura Bush, 70.

After 8 years of serving as First Lady, she's willing to extend a helping hand to Melania in what will be the most exciting and nerve-wracking time in Melania's life. Oprah and Michelle also discussed the idea of Michelle running for office.

Oprah asked Michelle point-blank if she'll be running for office someday. "No," Michelle said immediately.

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