Is LeBron James, Chris Paul and Kevin Durant can earn $210 million deals under new CBA?  Sources revealed affirmative!

A new collective bargain has come to a principal settlement and those who believed players earned big last year, don't know what coming! As per this new agreement some veteran stars- Kevin Durant, LeBron and Chris Paul are all set to yield more paydays.

For several years LeBron has signed up 1-year agreements as the pay scale propelled considerably. Without any injuries issues, he constantly has taken short span deals with options of opting out on his following 2018.

The cause for his decisions was mainly due to the uncertainty of what this new CAB would appear to be. Whereas the other two veterans have been waiting for an increase in their pay-scale too!

In the case of Kevin, after getting associated this summer with the Warriors is waiting for his a massive payday. Whereas Chris Paul was experiencing a reduction in salary because of the 'Over36 rule'  

However, all this is speculated to change with the arrival of the CBA. Though baseball income split will stay the same (though being slightly tilted on the side of the owners) minimum agreements and exception of the cap will all see an increase from the previous amounts.

'Everyone will make more money in the new CBA from the player's side.' In addition, David Aldridge stated- the new CBA will look to revise the 36 Rule. This will be based on increasing the number of years for players and maximizing the pay-scale for long-tenured players.

This means players having agreements for 10 years of more will have the maximum salary and those with the 5-year agreement will have somewhat less. While rookies will have the least! But in total, the numbers are certainly going to jump from the previous tally. 

The max salary for players 2017-18 for players having 10 or more years including LeBron James, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, each will be $36million.  Every player will be allowed to sign up a 5-year contract with the present team costing $210 million.