Kate Middleton and Prince William might announce their split in near future. Rumor has it that the alleged third party got herself involved in the royal couple's complex marital life. The Duke of Cambridge reportedly has admitted to cheating.

There are reports claiming that Prince William has confessed of cheating and naturally, the Duchess of Cambridge is unhappy to hear it. Recent reports also claim that Kate and William are no longer living together. Allegedly, they are just being forced by their royal duties to attend public events together but, unfortunately, seems like the flame is gone.

Previous reports speculate that Queen Elizabeth may be largely involved in the decision to keep the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge apart. Her Majesty has intentionally been giving them royal commitments away from each other to further tear the royal couple down. Allegedly, Kate Middleton is complaining about the set up while Prince William is fine with it.

It seems that the distance has forced Prince William to find love in somewhere else. On the other hand, Princess Kate allegedly has been feeling less loved and wronged by the Queen. It's not hard to conclude that all that alleged problems could possibly contribute to the impending Kate Middleton and Prince William divorce.

There are reports claiming that Queen Elizabeth is pushing for the divorce to be realized soon. She is reportedly very disappointed with the Duchess of Cambridge's lack of adherence to royal duties.

Kate Middleton recently canceled a royal appointment and that fueled further rumors about the impending divorce. Prince William, on the other side, continues to attend to his commitments as his grandmother has reportedly been demanding from him to man up after making the cheating confession.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are expected to announce their divorce soon. The Duke of Cambridge is also expected to reveal the truth behind the split. Yet, admitting to the public that he cheated could cost him the respect of the people worldwide.