According to several reports, a script leaked online from the upcoming movie "X-Men: Days of Future Past." The movie is not expected to hit theaters until May. Radar Online was one of the several sites to obtain a copy of the alleged script.

According to the site, the leaker claims to be a "film staffer" and was one of 100 people who had access to the script. Reportedly the person "was looking to sell it to a media publication" but Radar claims they did not pay the leaker.

It's not clear if this script is the real deal and so far the studio has not responded. But in case it turns out that this is actually the script used for "X-Men," we have to warn you that there will be some spoilers up ahead.

According to the alleged script, the movie starts in a ruined and futuristic Moscow, Radar writes. The first line of the movie goes to newcomer BooBoo Stewart, who plays James "Warpath" Proudstar. His character is reportedly talking to Blink, played by Chinese actress Fan BingBing.

After a brief conversation, the two are whisked through a portal to a room full of food, bunks and mutant refugees. According to Radar, the script goes on to suggest that something bad is getting ready to happen as dust falls from overheard. also has portion of the alleged script and their section claims that a popular character will be killed. According to the script, that character is Colossus, played by Daniel Cudmore.

What do you think of the leaked script details? Are you excited for the movie?