According to several reports, One of the main subjects of "Making a Murderer" is about to walk free this week. Several online reports have confirmed that Brendan Dassey is going to be released from prison by no later than Friday at about 8 P.M. right after a judge rejected the state's last major effort to keep him locked up.

Efforts to keep Dassey in prison

The state of Wisconsin had already filed a motion just this Tuesday, asking a judge to keep Dassey in prison while the appeal for his release order is still pending. The judge immediately denied the state's motion, saying that prosecutors were merely repeating the same points the court had already rejected.

Because the judge found cops got the then 16-year-old Dassey to confess about Teresa Halbach without any adult present, Dassey is being ordered for release. The state is currently still pursuing an appeal to a higher court on the decision to release Dassey, but for now, he is definitely free by a weekend.

About Dassey and her case

Brendan Dassey and his uncle Steven Avery were both convicted in connection with the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach, a murder case that was chronicled in the Netflix hit true-crime documentary series, "Making a Murderer."

The documentary was famous for exposing questionable methods used by the police to get a confession out of Dassey, and the Murderer footage was contributory in overturning Dassey's conviction.

Conditions on Dassey's release

As a condition of his release, Dassey prohibited to have any contact with his uncle or the Halbach family. Avery will remain in prison after being sentenced to a lifetime behind bars for Halbach's murder. But he has told Dr. Phil that he is also expecting to be released soon as well

Making a Murderer will return for its second season on Netflix, and will be addressing these new developments in the Steven Avery case.