One gamer was able to unlock an "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag" easter egg hidden within the actual game files.

[Warning: spoilers ahead]

YouTube user Kosappi Uni posted John's hidden message three months after the games release on Tuesday. In AC4, John from IT is believed to be the reincarnation of Bartholomew Roberts, the Sage whom Edward Kenway followed on his adventures to seek the Observatory.

John from IT reveals his true identity to you once Juno appears to you after your hack the main computer at Abstergo. John tries to kill you, but ends up getting shot by Abstergo security.

Many gamers believed once you've hacked all the Abstergo employee computers, listened in to employee conversations and collected the sticky notes, your modern day story easter egg hunt was completed. YouTube user Kosappi Uni proved otherwise.

Check out John's message in the video below.

There are some other really cool easter eggs found in AC4. Check out the list below for some more hidden content, courtesy of IGN.

1. "Far Cry 3" Database References

"In the Animus Database entry for Ocelots, notes are added to the information reading, "We may have to consider putting tigers and cassowaries in these jungles too"; with the response 'Please, no. I beg of you.' This is a reference to the more irritating predatory creatures found in 2012's Far Cry 3."

2. "Watch Dogs" Makes A Cameo

"When outside the Animus and walking around the Abstergo Entertainment offices, employees can be overheard talking about "That security company in Chicago," and "Going to work for Blume." Blume is the security/infrastructure company that designed the ctOS in the upcoming game Watch Dogs. There is also a brief presentation from the Blume company that can be found after hacking one of the computer terminals at your work station."

3. Egypt Next "Assassin's Creed" Setting"

"Hidden in one of the emails in the Abstergo Entertainment computers is a picture of an Assassin looking at the pyramids in Egypt. The Assassin is the same as the man in the leaked picture of a supposed Prince of Persia game from 2012." Click here to view the photos.

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