Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are rumored to have gotten back together despite the reports that the actor is engaged with girlfriend FKA Twigs. This rumor has been fuelled by another report that FKA just discovered her fiancé's phone with Kristen's call list.

A lot of people have been dreaming and wishing for a Robert and Kristen reunion but that seems to be far-fetched. After reports escalated that the two will no longer reprise their respective roles in the new "Twilight" movie, fans were dismayed.

This latest rumor will surely thrill their fans as Pattinson and Stewart are said to have secretly reunited. But what will happen with Pattinson's engagement with FKA Twigs? Does his fiancée know of this already if this is after all true?

As published by OK! Magazine, FKA twigs had discovered that Pattinson and Stewart are communicating frequently and she just freaked out upon seeing Stewart's name in the call list of her fiancé's phone. What could be more terrible than this? Is the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart romance reignited?

As reported by HNGN, Robert has been extremely impressed with K-Stew's sexy dance in Rolling Stones latest music video. The fans were surprise by his reaction and it seems like he is actually hinting into something and that is he might want to win Kristen back.

It was also reported previously that Robert Pattinson has shared that no wedding will take place in one of his interviews. When he was asked about the wedding, he just answered with "What wedding?"  This prompted the rumor that Pattinson and FKA Twigs are having a hard time settling down despite being engaged for months already.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart has not given any comment yet with regards to the latest remarks of her ex-boyfriend on the music video. Moreover, she is also not in a relationship at the moment so maybe Pattinson is trying to take advantage of this opportunity.

With all these indications swarming up, it would also possible if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will rekindle their romance, not only in a movie.