Drake and Rihanna confirmed their relationship at 2016 MTV Video Music Awards. However, just few months later, the couple reportedly broke up in a nasty split and are not on very amicable terms right now.

E! News was the first publication to report their split in October. The duo, as per the report, had been dating since July exclusively.

According to a report by Hollywood Life, Rihanna also, allegedly, called the "Hotline Bling" rapper a "jerk" and is mad at him for the way their relationship ended, revealed a source close to the couple. The source also added that the famous Barbadian singer is upset about how Drake didn't want to commit and was always very controlling in the relationship.

Reportedly, the couple is still hurt from their breakup fiasco and their post-split relationship is so tense that they haven't spoken to each other since then. The internal source also added that they will be back in good terms once either of the two decides to make the first move.

But for now, they are not prepared to apologize to each other or reverse the damage they caused. The source also claimed that they both still love each other but are too busy to be exclusive.

Meanwhile, the separated couple are linked to other people in the industry. Drake is rumored to be dating Taylor Swift and Rihanna is reportedly back together with ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

For now, Drake and Rihanna are yet to officially speak up about their split. At the same time, insiders have revealed that Chris and Rihanna and may start dating soon as the rapper has already started taking steps to towards reuniting with his ex-flame.

There is also fan theory that "Bad Blood" singer may be dating Drake, as the rapper reportedly introduced Swift to his mom, as reported by TMZ. In another instance, when Drake posted an Instagram ad lip-syncing Swift's "Bad Blood," he hash-tagged it as #Draylor. While this could be just a harmless reference to his ad, it could also mean that the two are an item.

For now, the only confirmed news is Drake and Rihanna broke up. Their subsequent dating reports with other people should be taken with a grain of salt, until officially confirmed by the former couple.