One Nazi chest with the insignia of the Nazi Ahnenerbe was discovered in rural Southern Russia.

It was found in the Kamennomostsky village in the Adygea region, explains Russia's Interfax news agency. It was the area where the chest was found wth two mysterious skulls. The chief of the local branch of Russia's Geographic Society, Igor Ogay, has pointed out that the skulls are 'alien'.

Does this prove that the Nazis were hand in glove with aliens? Or were the skulls only of those of animals - perhaps sheep?

The Ahnenerbe was a body created by Heinrich Himmler to look into the cultural history of the Aryan race. He was the 'mastermind' behind the Holocaust. His body tried to show that the world was once ruled by a "mythological Nordic race, characterised by fair skin, hair and eyes."

The finding showed evidence of "two interesting skulls and the chest with the [Ahnenerbe] logo," said Ogay. He said that the skulls were shown to expert Vladimir Malikov, who explained that they had no jaws and instead had a hole for the spine. They seemed to be "somewhat similar to the aliens".

Why were the Ahnenerbe attracted to the area? Ogay believes that they had been interested in Adygea's dolmens. These were ancient tombs that went back by thousands of years.

"What connects the skull with the activities of the Ahnenerbe organization is hard to say," said Ogay. "But the fact is they were interested in places of power, such as dolmens. After all, they have some on German soil."

This is not the first time that the find has been reported in Adygea. Many similar findings have emerged in January this year.