A surprising trade rumor is about to hit the news in a couple of days. It involves New York Knicks' superstar Carmelo Anthony who is rumored to join Russell Westbrook in the Oklahoma City Thunder. Could this be Melo's way of going out with the Knicks?

Anthony, who've been engaged in numerous trade deals for a couple of months, has always been the prime target of many teams for being a high-value player. He's been linked to being traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, Indiana Pacers and just recently with the Los Angeles Lakers. But none of those rumored deal has happened until to this time.

He's also been to controversies lately by openly saying that he is not comfortable with the 'triangle offense' that Knicks president Phil Jackson is presently enforcing to the team. Earlier reports have also said that if Jackson will insist the triangle offense Melo might ask the team to trade him.

With this impending scenario, a proposed trade deal is being suggested to the Knicks and Thunder that involves 5 players and a future draft pick. Trade scenario is saying that the New York Knicks will send Carmelo Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Steven Adams, Cameron Payne, Andre Roberson, Alex Abrines and a 2017 first-round draft pick.

Some say that the Knicks might not lure to trade Melo for this package but others insist that this a good offer coming from the Thunder. Though Melo already expresses his desire to play alongside good buddies LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul, a partnership with Russell Westbrook could also be the best option for him.

Earlier reports have cited that Melo had high hopes that Westbrook could have join the Knicks last summer where Westbrook had the option to opt out with Thunder. But as history goes, Westbrook signed a 3-year, $85.5 million contract extension with the Thunder and remain with the team. But this time, could Westbrook try to pitch Melo to join him in Oklahoma instead?

However, one roadblock seems to be preventing this trade from happening. The Thunder will be over salary cap once Melo's contract will be absorbed which means league official will not approve this deal as it violates NBA trade rules and salary cap restriction as per checking with ESPN NBA Trade Machine.

Though this trade deal between the New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder is 'busted' for now due to salary issue, this could be something to ponder about in the future and could be revisited between them. In a dream world, a Carmelo Anthony and Russell Westbrook tandem is surely deadly.