Rockstar Games started updating the tunable files for the upcoming DLC in GTA Online game as the cut content from Bikers update has been scrapped permanently from the game files. 

GTA 5 Online new update is coming this month that will open new things that players can do in the game such as stealing cars. However, Rockstar Games is still not spilling any details on when it will be available for the players.

GTA 5 Online's December update which will be called Import/Export, according to IGN, will include special vehicles and new criminal activities as a CEO. Game developer Rockstar has also listed the full list of fixes, tweaks and smaller changes to GTA 5 Online that include the ability to attack from bikes and much more.

The GTA Online Biker DLC is also available for PS4, Xbox One and PC now. The download file is of 2GB and will download automatically. The game maker has also added new power up bonuses with double GTA$ and RP across a bunch of Adversary modes including Drop Zone, Power Play and Kill Quota.

Meanwhile, the double GTA$ and RP bonus will extend right through 7 December on these select Adversary modes, which will contradict an earlier announcement where the Rockstar had suggested the event playlist bonuses will end on 8 December.

The players in GTA 5 Online will have the access to obtain, to customize the most valuable cars in the game, as noted by GameSpot. The buildings and garages in the game will also be expanded. The players can have their own autobody shop.

There is also a ton of vehicle and property discounts in GTA Online as part of the weekend bonuses offered by Rockstar. Check out full list of offers on vehicles below:

  • 50% off Executive Offices on Properties
  • 50% off Office Décor & Customization on Properties
  • 50% off the Buzzard Attack Chopper vehicle
  • 25% off the Vapid Desert Raid vehicle
  • 25% off the Pegassi Reaper vehicle
  • 25% off the Enus Windsor vehicle
  • 25% off all Sniper Rifles
  • 25% off all Shotguns
  • 25% off Body Armor

Some new Stunt-based features also added into the game:

  • Stunt Tracks
  • Stunt Set Pieces
  • Stunt Tubes
  • Stunt Ramps
  • Stunt Building Blocks

GTA 5 Online fans can recall that the Executives and Other Criminals update was announced on 10 December and then released on 15 December of 2016, which happened to be a Tuesday. So, a similar feat is on the cards for the upcoming festive surprise DLC.